hugo & treats @ woodford

hugo & treats & the lullaby league will be unleashing their brand new live show across woodfordia at the following times and places…

tue 27th 1:45am
bazaar (full show)

wed 28th 12pm
parlour (hugo spoken word)

fri 30th 1am
grande (full show)

watch out for sets on the mystery bus too!

11 19 11 treats @ cocopocoloco, shine on

treats ended up playing for 3 hours at this renegade free bar, tucked between the trees at shine on festival, deep in the australian pyrenees.

this last half hour catches us easing down from a proper chunky rinse up into warm soulfully abstract techiness, as always with a few cheeky classics carefully woven in for good measure (lightly edited for your listening pleasure)

11 19 11 treats @ cocopocoloco, shine on by musicfromspeakers


hugo & treats will be supporting jeremedy at the melodics final show at the hi-fi ballroom, november 4th

we are the humans

its finally here, the video for the song ‘we are the humans’ by hugo, produced by soup. shout outs to the blue crew

11 06 12 treats @ Qi, gadd st. [me] afterparty

smashing up the Qi warehouse afterparty for the epic band called ‘[me]‘. beautifully decorated venue with fabulous freaks in abundance. part 1 is around the first hour of the 6 hours of weird party music played that night. part 2 comes in around hour 3, when everything started kicking in, and we got a bit deeper…

(LAST PARTY THIS SATURDAY as the place gets knocked down next week)

thanks to april thursday for the pics, and to arctic for the reloads!

11 06 12 treats @ Qi, gadd st. pt 2 by musicfromspeakers

click to download part 1

click to download part 2

tracklist coming soon

11 06 09 treats @ the hope street forest fundraiser

a warm & chilled mix, after the activists had given their forest updates, and the trapeze artists had clambered down into the cushions. big respect to all crew involved.

click to download


chris watson – le crone
atropolis – xingu chief
randy barracuda & mesak – black vaseline (eero johannes remix)
boards of canada – aquarius
scuba – in 2
instra:mental – watching you
mosca – nike
jose james – black magic (joy orbison’s recreation)
sbtrkt – twice bitten
ben last – boy becomes a man
desto – disappearing reappearing ink
mount kimbie – taps
homelife – dosta

11 04 15 yoink! @ wrangle

a dark, techy, warehouse style set for this ‘Warriors’ themed party at my aeon in brunswick

click to download


alias – warriors
braiden – the alps
siopsis – pesti nasty
boris dlugosch – bangkok
savage skulls – caravan
uluru – kookaburra (damu remix)
boddika – warehouse
dakunt – t’a surdou (lorcan mak remix)
mj cole ft wiley – from the drop (l-vis 1990 remix)
melo-x – xtra drop
sam tiba – barbie weed
badman – sound
zombie disco squad – eurovision (boog-a-loo crew remix)
mr oizo – flat beat (16bit remix)
raffertie – sugar
the phantom – night game (zeppy zep remix)
ghost mutt – thoroughbred
stinj – vara lubirii (brenmar remix)
fantastic mr fox – evelyn
kraftwerk – tour de france (francois kevorkian remix)
ricardo vilalobos – easy lee

11 02 26 sponepheaker @ heavy innit

serious lineup. cutting edge bass music all night. sponepheaker played out in the garden early in the evening, blending mostly uk hip hop/juke/post-dubstep/tropical-grime/wonky greenhouse/mucky double-garage/wotdoyoucallit? with some unexpected cheeky bits… (listen out for two bonus tracks at the end)

click to download


thavius beck – go! (offshore remix)
infernal devices – fast enough (proper villains future footwork remix)
jehst – staircase II stage (acapella)
damscray – smellin feelin (+verb’s robo reslip)
lazer sword – surf news
instramental – watching you
dizz1 – konotakosuke yaro
smiley culture – cockney translation
jme – certified badman
dj vadim – r3 imaginashun
eprom – bubble
m.i.a. – steppin’ up (jiza remix)
mosca – nike
skeme & rodney p – uk bubblers (acapella)
stinj – vara lubirii (brenmar remix)
dubbel dutch – pulso
velour – booty slammer
camille – janine I
clicks & whistles – when i feel
fantastic mr fox – evelyn
girl unit – irl (bok bok remix)
ghost mutt – thoroughbred
egyptrixx – hexagon ya
d double e – street fighter riddim
africa hi-tech – blen
jimmy edgar – pret’a'porter
squarepusher – my red hot car